Gorgeous Grub

The Gorgeous Grub Group, joined by ‘The Fabulous Foodies’ held their second Zoom lunch on Tuesday 23rd March. The theme for lunch was a pasta dish of our cooks choice or one selected from three recipes which had been circulated. The results were amazing – see picture. Spaghetti Tetrazzini, Seafood Tagliatelle, Lasagne, and Chicken Livers with Tagliatelle. What a pity we couldn’t taste each others’ dishes.

Our next lunch, planned for May 4th will feature a ‘Tagine’ Dish of our cooks choice.

The Gorgeous Grub Group

The Gorgeous Grub Group (GGG) was originally formed in 2008 with twelve u3a members who were keen cooks. Its purpose being to cater for the Summer & Christmas lunches of the u3a ‘morning group’.

Our menus and dishes were famed for being slightly unusual and providing delicious flavours. We also met regularly to share meals and also produced three mini cookbooks which proved to be very popular.

In 2019, we hung up our aprons and retired from providing food for the ‘masses’ but continued meeting every six weeks or so in members’ houses to eat meals based on a different theme each time; Asian, Pasta, African, Spanish, Vegetarian themes being typical examples of some of the delicious food we have produced.

More recently, we have been unable to continue with our usual lunches due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, not to be daunted, we have been meeting for themed lunches via Zoom which has allowed us to expand our group and invite guests.

If you would like more information, please contact Dot Dunning on groupsInfo@looeu3a.org