Astronomy Group

Essentially each group meeting will be the same, but each time there will be an update on the latest discoveries and missions.  Astronomy has to be one of the fastest changing sciences, with new discoveries coming along every week. Every discovery tends to make astronomers and physicists rethink their models and many new developments only raise more questions. This is what is so fascinating about the subject. Nothing stays the same. Indeed there is a huge amount that is not understood even by the greatest minds. The very fundamentals of our existence take us back to an amazing era when everything that we see and touch around us was in one singularity at an enormous temperature  and pressure.  And indeed what we see and touch is only about five percent of what there is. Most of the rest remains a mystery. 

Group Meetings will be all held at The Old School House in West Looe. Numbers are limited. Only twelve, so it will be first come first in. Please fill out the appropriate forms at the monthly meetings.