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Happy New Year to you all.

Let us hope it is a good one and we are allowed out to visit our lovely local gardens in Cornwall & Devon.  At the end of last year I asked if you would contact me if you wanted to remain on our mailing list for 2022. The response has been excellent with 40 members replying. If any of you have not got round to contacting me please reply by the 1st February 2022. 

Powderham Castle Garden Festival on Friday 29 April

I can confirm this is going ahead as we have had a great response for the trip, from our members and the Looe Horticultural Gardening Group. We are also running a stand-by list, so if you are still interested in going please let me know. We are also delighted to announce we have 3 new drivers who have come forward to drive the Lions minibus. 

Rough outline of the outings for 2022+   

3 Minibus trips in March/May/September + Coach trip to Powderham Castle in April.

July & August we will only visit local Charity gardens which we can drive to.    

October planning meeting.

Once the gardens update their websites to take bookings, we will get back to you with more details.

Best Wishes from Pauline, Barbara & Paula 

The Garden Safari Group are delighted to announce that we have a joint outing planned for your diaries for 2022 to Powderham Castle Garden Festival on Friday 29 April 2022, with the Looe Horticultural Gardening group.
 The day will start at 0900 am & will return to Looe 6.00 pm

We will be liaising with Susan Barnes who is the garden outing organiser  for the Looe Horticultural group. The coach carries 53 passengers so Susan and I will have 26 tickets each to sell. I am aware that some of you belong to both U3A and the horticultural group, so only put your name on one list! We will be running a waiting list, but it will be your responsibility if you are unable to come to find somebody to take your ticket.  The coach will be picking up at the usually pick up points starting with Pelynt  Tom Sawyers, Fire station, West Looe, Doctors Surgery East Looe, Barbican Post Office, Barbican Spar Shop,Widegates, Windy Ridge, Tideford. You will be given more specific times of the pick ups once we have our list of who will be joining us & where. 

The cost of the day will be £20.00 each This covers coach, drivers tip, & entry to the festival. Both Sue & I will be announcing this outing at our Next monthly meetings & taking names. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you, 

Kind regards Pauline & Barbara 

If you are interested in the above trip or becoming a member of the Garden Safari Group, then please contact Pauline at

‘I do hope you have managed to visit, some of our beautiful local gardens throughout the summer. Let us hope the good weather will continue into September, & we may have an Indian summer, to enjoy the remaining gardens that are still open.’ Pauline

Bowringsleigh, Kingsbridge.

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