May Main Meeting 2022

Groups’ Showcase

The Ukulele group performing to a packed Hall at the Groups’ Showcase

St. Martin’s Hall was full on Wednesday 11th May for the Groups’ Showcase. This is a morning with no formal meeting or Speaker but an opportunity for Interest Groups to show and tell the membership what they get up to.

Many of the Interest Group Leaders were present with their ‘stalls’ set up displaying photographs, information and artifacts associated with their group. When members arrived they circulated around the hall chatting and picking up information and many signed up to new groups.

The Chair thanked all the group leaders for their ongoing hard work and commitment to keeping the motto of the u3a movement – Learn, Laugh, Live – alive and well in Looe. She also shared with the members the suggestions for new groups that had been posted that morning including: kayaking, bodyboarding, canasta, village groups, handbells, art and in particular watercolour, chess and geology. It was hoped that some of these groups could get off the ground in the near future.

Following the normal break for tea and coffee, there were some performances of various groups. The ukulele group played a selection of tunes including a Johnny Cash medley which got the audience tapping and singing along. This was followed by a range of poetry written and performed by members of the Poetry group. And to conclude, the Tunes in the Afternoon group sang a range of songs ending with the wonderful u3a Anthem sung to the tune of Blowing in the Wind to which the whole of the audience joined in with gusto!